September 13, 2006

Dual Certification Offered at ISSSC

ISSSC, in association with the Harrington Institute, is the first national company to offer dual certifications during Six Sigma Training and Certification courses. Students in ISSSC's Green Belt courses can obtain their Six Sigma Green Belt and their Certified Manager Process Improvement (CMPI).

Tests for both certifications will be conducted at the end of 3-day course. Six Sigma and Project Management certifications are beneficial in today's business world for job placement and advancement. Six Sigma's methodology is essential in consistently delivering projects on time.

You can get a detailed information on Six Sigma certification from my previous post titled "What Is Involved In Six Sigma Certification?".

September 07, 2006

Six Sigma IQ Excellence Awards

The Six Sigma IQ Excellence Awards have been established to honor, recognize and promote Six Sigma projects that demonstrate best practices and to expand and increase the implementation of Six Sigma methodology globally. To reward the highest achieving individuals, teams and the projects in Six Sigma, these awards serve as a fantastic opportunity to credit the hard work and dedication devoted by many to Six Sigma. Six Sigma IQ has assembled a list of Six Sigma experts and leaders to evaluate the effectiveness of the Six Sigma projects.

Read my previous post titled "What Is Six Sigma Certification?" to know about Six Sigma Certification.

Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Recently, I have browsed through the website of Breakthrough Management Group (BMG). BMG is offering Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification Program that builds competent, data-driven Six Sigma practitioners. BMG's training seems to be a comprehensive training program. It follows the DMAIC phases and teaches candidates how to integrate a variety of Six Sigma tools into an overall approach to process improvement.

To know more about DMAIC, read my previous post titled "DMAIC and DMADV in Six Sigma".

BMG's training program teaches students to define and launch a project. It also gives them idea on how to transition it from phase to phase. BMG takes a real-life approach to Six Sigma Black Belt training. The Black Belt program is technically designed to ensure that all graduates learn how to implement solutions that can produce financial results.

August 21, 2006

What Is Involved In Six Sigma Certification?

Recently, I had written a post titled "What Is Six Sigma Certification?" that focused on Six Sigma certification. Today, I will discuss what exactly is involved in a Six Sigma certification. Six Sigma certification requires learning the appropriate subject matter to pass a written proficiency test and displaying competency in a hands-on environment. The materials can be purchased from almost any Six Sigma training and consulting company. It always comes bundled with classroom training. Usually, you or your company will purchase a training session that has different bodies of knowledge and durations for each Six Sigma level.

The different levels of Six Sigma certifications include Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. The written proficiency test may be given by the training company or the business hiring the training company. Companies that have been conducting in-house training for years can create and administer their own written proficiency tests. When you clear Six Sigma training, you will have to complete one or two quality projects and display competency in applying the concepts learned in the classroom training.

August 14, 2006

What Is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma certification is a confirmation of one's capabilities with regard to specific competencies. Like other quality certifications, it does not indicate that an individual is capable of unlimited process improvement. The certification just indicates that an individual has completed the necessary requirements from the company granting the certification.

If you get a Six Sigma certification, there is no doubt that you have passed the minimum guidelines and requirements to become a Six Sigma professional. Certification does not prove a person's skill or efficiency. It just certifies the individual as trained enough to handle the quality analysis in the company. Even if you are a trained person, there is no guarantee that you can be an able administrator. Six Sigma certification is just one of such examples.

UC Irvine Extension Launches Six Sigma Lean Green Belt Course

In order to meet the industry requirements for skilled and efficient professionals, UC Irvine Extension launched the innovative course, "Six Sigma Lean Green Belt". The course will be held from September 15 until November 4 at UCI Learning Center in Orange, Calif. The course has been designed to cater to professionals in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing to service.

Six Sigma Lean combines the Six Sigma methods for reducing errors, coupled with Lean techniques to simplify process. Companies across the world are successfully using the techniques for improving business performance through product and process excellence. The "Six Sigma Lean Green Belt" course at UC Irvine Extension teaches all these proven improvement methods. I am sure that this course will help individual to brush up their skills.

July 30, 2006

Batch of 44: Six Sigma black belts in the Navy

First the army, now the navy. The armed forces certainly seem to have caught on to the benefits of Lean Six Sigma in a big way. It almost seems like a policy move to inculcate Six Sigma practices in the men in uniform.

Lean Six Sigma black belts were presented to 44 Naval service personnel at the Pentagon in the presence of Ronald D. Atkinson, president-elect of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter. The certifications are part of the collaboration between the Department of Navy and ASQ to develop a testing standards program in the Navy. Reliable Plant reports:

The Navy and Marine Corps Acquisition Enterprise that designs, develops, builds, and supports the U.S. fleet of ships, aircraft, and combat systems, recognizes the importance of providing certification through an authoritative third-party source such as ASQ. Multiple Navy commands were involved with development of this process.

The black belts will certainly have the added edge in interacting with other personnel in the Navy, and will hopefully pass on their learning experience. That apart, there are about 750-800 budding black belt experts in the Navy.

July 06, 2006

Ford Praises Freudenberg NOK for Six Sigma Capabilities

Freudenberg NOK has recently received the recognition of achievement award from Ford Motor Company for its consumer-driven Six Sigma accomplishments. The award is part of Ford's World Excellence Awards program. It recognizes suppliers who attain highest levels of cost, quality and delivery. The award is given to suppliers who achieve customer satisfaction by providing significant contributions in key areas such as environmental leadership, consumer-focused technology and consumer-driven Six Sigma. Six Sigma is one of the pillars of Freudenberg NOK's growth program that focuses on superior quality, service and productivity. Freudenberg NOK has 61 Six Sigma black belts who ensure superior quality and enhance reliability.

According to Reliable Plant -

Ford presented more than 60 awards to its global suppliers for their outstanding performance in 2005 during an awards ceremony in early May. More than 150 of Ford's largest production and non-production suppliers from 17 countries attended the eighth annual event.

June 29, 2006

Ford Recognizes Freudenberg-NOK for Six Sigma Capabilities

In a significant development, Freudenberg-NOK recently received recognition of achievement award from Ford Motor Company for its consumer-driven Six Sigma accomplishments. The award is part of Ford's World Excellence Awards program. It recognizes suppliers who not only achieve the highest levels of cost, quality and delivery, but also people who embrace the vision to build Ford's legacy and drive innovation to new heights. The recognition of achievement award honors suppliers who influence customer satisfaction by providing significant contributions in key areas including environmental leadership, customer-focused technology and consumer-driven Six Sigma.

According to Reliable Plant -

Freudenberg-NOK's Advanced Vibration and Acoustics (AVA) group was charged with optimizing the sealing isolation system and the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) characteristics for a cam cover design. AVA has developed techniques to synergize sealing and NVH, which are typically opposing phenomena.

June 22, 2006

Exervio Consulting's Design for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Exervio Consulting has announced the design for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Exervio has collaborated with a leading global financial services firm for execution of strategic projects within fulfillment operations and transactions services. Exervio Consulting has launched the design for Matt Pagel, management-consulting manager. Pagel was able to successfully execute the design for Six Sigma methodology and obtain green belt certification for his project. According to him, an estimated annual cost saving of $1.03 million can be achieved each year through this initiative. Charlotte dBusiness News has published an article on the Same Topic.

Exervio is a management and information technology-consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. Exervio serves local clients by deploying small, senior-level consulting teams to manufacturing, retail, financial, government and other industries.

June 14, 2006

Six Sigma and Data Certification

As Six Sigma works to reduce defects, data certification improvement programs are often beneficial for the application of their methodologies. Today, companies focus on certified data and the processes that support it. They have applied Six Sigma concepts and philosophies to numerous processes and achieved positive results. However, only few companies have applied Six Sigma to their data quality processes. Six Sigma controls a process to limit output defects to 3.4 per million opportunities. While a defect is anything outside a customer's requirement specification, an opportunity is any chance of a defect occurring.

Most companies use Six Sigma more broadly. They use it as a goal of achieving near ideal quality for a product or service through new or improved processes and tools. Several renowned companies have used Six Sigma processes to improve their production processes for their products and services. These companies include aircraft engine manufacturers, medical systems and financial institutions.

June 08, 2006

Global Six Sigma Awards

The Global Six Sigma Awards that will be organized by WCBF have been announced. Ms. Jill M. Considine, Chairman & CEO of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has been named the winner of its prestigious Six Sigma CEO of the Year Award. The award will be presented at The Global Six Sigma Awards Gala Dinner on June 28 in Las Vegas. The Six Sigma CEO of the Year Award is sponsored by Breakthrough Management Group. This is the premium category of The Global Six Sigma Awards program. According to the reports, Ms. Considine was selected from the list of finalists by an independent judging panel.

DTCC is the world's largest post-trade infrastructure organization and, last year, settled in excess of 1.4 quadrillion dollars in securities transactions. With operating facilities in multiple locations in the United States and overseas, the company provides clearance, settlement and information services for equities, corporate and municipal bonds, government and mortgage-backed securities and over-the-counter credit and equity derivatives. Yahoo News has published an article on the Same Topic.

April 30, 2006

DoN and ASQ Team Up On Lean Six Sigma Project

The Department of the Navy (DoN) will jointly conduct a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification process along with the American Society for Quality (ASQ). An agreement has been reached through which a testing standards program that will meet the needs of the Navy and the Marine Corps team will be developed by both DoN and ASQ, and administered by ASQ. ISixSigma reports:

ASQ will conduct pilot certification program testing with 50 participants at eight sites around the country April 28. Following the pilot program, ASQ will conduct another certification exam in late September 2006 for an expected 100 participants. "We anticipate this experience with the Navy and Marine Corps will lead us to creating programs that will make our fighting forces within these, and all branches of the service more effective in meeting the challenges the United States faces in the coming years," said Jerry Mairani, ASQ president.

November 16, 2005

The US Small Business Administration certifies Bellwether Logistics Services

Bellwether Logistics Services, based in Stockbridge, GA, is a Lean Six Sigma company operating as a global supply chain consultancy firm. Considering the high growth potential of the company, the US Small Business Administration has certified Bellwether as a participant in the SBA development program. PRWeb reports:

The Small Business Administration's 8(A) Program was created in 1974 to help minority and other disadvantaged businesses to grow through a program of federal contracting preferences and set-asides. Through the program, eligible firms can be awarded federal government contracts on a sole-source or non-competitive basis. Contracts up to $5m for manufacturing and up to $3m for most other categories are available a non-competitive basis.

November 01, 2005

Six Sigma Implementation in Call Centers

A four day training course is being organized on the implementation of Six Sigma in call centers. The course will utilize data and statistical analysis to monitor and enhance call center performances. It will adopt the method of eliminating defects in the business process and create an environment for better customer services. Participants will be able to use Six Sigma tools to focus on deficiencies and thereby find solutions to rid the business process of such defects.

The instructions will be delivered with real-world experiences and examples to explain the value of Six Sigma discipline. The course is meant for executives and analysts who are looking for an improvement in the services sector by understanding and implementing Six Sigma methodology. reports:

Whatever your starting place, however far along your organization, this seminar is designed to help you achieve real results and create tangible business value. Given heightened customer demands, global competition and stretched resources, there has never been a more important time to learn and apply these principles! 

Six Sigma certification in Green Belt and Black Belt from Villanova University

Villanova University offers courses leading to a Six Sigma Green Belt certificate and a Black Belt certificate. The courses are offered online and are accredited to the Regional-Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Joinees at the certification courses, whether new entrants to Six Sigma or experienced workers, have the opportunity to learn how Six Sigma methodology can be applied to larger management systems and provide solutions to business problems. Managers and business people who are looking to improve their business processes will find the courses particularly useful. Yahoo Education reports:

No classroom attendance is required, so you can complete your coursework at home or on the road, on your own time - and still reap the many rewards you want and deserve.

October 15, 2005

NAVSEA to open new Lean Six Sigma College on October 17

The new Lean Six Sigma College at the Naval Surface Warfare Center - Port Hueneme Division is due to open on October 17. This college is being established by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), and will derive its curriculum from advise collected from industry leaders Raytheon, GE, Minolta, and Ford. Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints are to be the major constituents of the course syllabus at the college.

Consequently, the effort will be concentrated on reducing waste, reducing and eliminating variation, and concentrating on improving the bottleneck situation in a process. NAVSEA is looking to gain several black belts through the college curriculum. There will also be courses offered for green belt training, and a course for Lean championship. Navy Compass reports:

L6SC curriculum addresses the technical, cultural, financial, and management components of process improvement, as well as how to apply those components to real work situations. During their training, students learn about basic Lean, Six Sigma, and TOC principles and tools. These include Lean’s Value Stream Mapping & Analysis, Visual Controls, and 5S workplace organization; Six Sigma’s project selection and validation, statistical analysis, and strategies such as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control); and TOC’s constraint management techniques. They also take part in exercises that promote creativity and team-building.

October 01, 2005

Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd. wins award for quality initiatives achieved through Six Sigma implementation

The CII National Six Sigma awards were given away in Chennai recently. Among the winners was Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd., a private sector telecommunication provider. Bharti got the distinction because of the reduction of outgoing barring complaints implemented by the Infotel team.

Bharti's competitors in this category included some of the leading companies in India, such as Wipro, IBM Daksh, Tata International, and LG Electronics. According to Badri Agarwal, president, Infotel, Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd., it is significant for the company to have received this award for its initiatives through the implementation of Six Sigma tools in business ventures. quotes Agarwal:

We at Bharti believe in institutionalizing the virtues of quality in all our business processes. To receive this prestigious award for quality initiatives is indeed noteworthy, especially when Six Sigma is a focus area and a top-ranking tool with the company to achieve business goals.

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Kaiser Aluminum bags award for LeanSigma implementation

Kaiser Aluminum has received the 2005 TBM Perfect Engine Award for its facility at Chandler. This award is a result of the company's effective implementation of LeanSigma techniques and standards, which helped the company achieve significant improvement in the manufacturing arena. The award is an annual feature, and goes to an organization that has recorded significant productive results through the implementation of LeanSigma, a fusion of Lean and Six Sigma principles.

Kaiser Aluminum's unit at Chandler (Arizona) brought in LeanSigma in May 2000, resulting in a reduction on the lead time and an enhanced and timely delivery system. Conrow, vice president of Lean Sigma, Kaiser Aluminum, expressed satisfaction with the recognition of the company's LeanSigma implementation process. Business Wire quotes Conrow:

We have elevated the emphasis on Lean Sigma within our organization and look to continue our transformation over the next several years, allowing us to do more with less as we eliminate waste from the value stream with the objective of providing superior value to our customers.

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May 12, 2005

ISO standardization Being Overtaken By Six Sigma

For years the largest of companies have required that their suppliers by ISO certified, a process that ensures basic standards in business operations and management. Critics of the process, however, argue that standardizing management eliminates the potential for entreprenureal growth in the first place. In addition, the certification is often criticized as being an indirect means of keeping smaller start-ups out of the bidding process. The rise of Six Sigma, however, is beginning to shake things up. Beginning with suppliers of GE, a number of smaller companies are pursuing Six Sigma rather than ISO as a means of verifying their business model and management structure. Typically the process is less costly, and according to some far more beneficial. Because of this initial success, the practice is spreading as more and more startups are foregoing the cost of becoming ISO certified and are instead focusing on Six Sigma integration. Reports:

Arunas Chesonis, CEO of telecom company Paetec Communications, based in Rochester, N.Y., is also de-emphasizing ISO in favor of Six Sigma, in part because GE is both an investor and a customer. He began instituting ISO soon after starting Paetec in 1998. The standards, he says, were "a pretty powerful training tool" for new employees and signaled to potential customers "that we were the type of company that was focused on quality and process improvement."

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March 10, 2005

10 Qualities to Look for in Six Sigma Black Belt Candidates

Selecting candidates for Six Sigma Black Belt Candidacy is a task vital to the prolonged health and growth of a company. Selecting the wrong candidate can not only mean that both time and money is wasted in the training, but that your company will not reap the benefits that such training can provide. Consequently, Charles Waxer of iSix Sigma has compiled a top ten list of the most important qualities to look for when selecting a candidate. iSix Sigma Reports:

Technical Aptitude. The Black Belt candidate need not be an engineering or statistical graduate, but in some cases this is beneficial -- provided the other top ten qualities listed are also present. In all cases, a Black Belt is required to collect and analyze data for determining an improvement strategy. Without some technical aptitude (computer/software literacy and analytical skills) the Black Belt will be frustrated in this role.

Business Acumen. Black Belts are business leaders, not the quality managers of the past. As such, they should have business knowledge and the ability to display the linkage between projects and desired business results. How is a project making the company stronger competitively and financially? You can ask questions during the interview to determine if the Black Belt candidates have made this connection in their prior roles.

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March 07, 2005

Six Sigma Training Pays Dividends

A recent study by iSixSigma Magazine reveals that companies both large and small will reap significant benefits by having their employees trained in Six Sigma.  The median savings delivered per project implemented under the guidance of a Six Sigma Black Belt is $188,000.  For companies with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion the median savings was $335,000, while companies with revenue of less than $100,000 see savings of $117,000.  This survey indicates that savings can be had, not only by the largest companies, but by medium and smaller companies as well.  iSixSigma Reports:

Erin Ducceschi, editor of iSixSigma Magazine, also noted, "Significant financial results can be achieved at any stage of a Six Sigma initiative. There is no statistical difference in financial benefits based on the number of years a company has been using Six Sigma, meaning that a return on a company's investment can be achieved within a short timeframe."

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