Six Sigma Training

There has been an increased interest in Six Sigma in recent years. There are several Six Sigma training processes that will help you learn how poor quality harms your business. Six Sigma training will enable you explore what Six Sigma means and the critical elements of the approach. You will gain an understanding of the new roles that some employees will fill.

Six Sigma training methods will introduce you to a straightforward framework for satisfying your customers, reducing waster and increasing efficiency and quality in your organization. You will be then in a position to examine how you can meet Six Sigma challenges and the skills that is needed for the growth of the organization. Our program can be found here.

Six Sigma Online Training

Six Sigma e-Learning (Six Sigma online training) is delivered via the Internet, CD/DVDS, personal digital assistants, television, MP3 players and phones. e-Learning can be passive or interactive and is found in lectures, tutorials and simulations. More than one format is often involved in e-learning programs. In the case of Six Sigma online training, an entire e-learning industry of e-learning service providers has developed to help organizations facilitate the in-house development of the continuous improvement methodology and culture.