DSS Systems Ltd. Brings Six Sigma to Middle East

In what some analysts are calling a major step towards the globalization of Six Sigma, DSS Systems and Software Limited has attained exclusive rights for marketing the training, consulting, and implementation services of Six Sigma in the Middle East and Indian IT industry.  With a growing number of multinationals who have already implemented Six Sigma now requiring their foreign subsidiaries to follow suit, DSS Ltd. expects what is already significant demand for the process to precipitously increase over the next five years.  The Times of India Reports:

The company’s confidence stems from the fact that a number of multinational companies like GE and Motorola, which have embraced Six Sigma, are insisting that their suppliers, associates and subsidiaries do so too. This is in addition to the direct drivers of SS in the country like it resulting in cost-effectiveness and improvement in quality. Application of SS, which started in the manufacturing sector, followed by banking and insurance sectors, is now into the third wave, where SS is being embraced by technology and IT.