BusinessWeek Discusses Six Sigma Benefits and Limitations

Six Sigma can’t preform miracles.  That’s the lesson from BusinessWeek, who argues that while the business approach can help create a company that is conducive to generating excellent products, services, and customer experiences it cannot create the actual products.  While this news will certainly not come as a revalation to most American companies, it does mean that as Six Sigma and other cost and quality control programs are implemented internationally, domestic companies must utilize cultural connections to provide themselves with a competitive edge.  BusinessWeek Reports:

Indian and Chinese engineers and manufacturers are doing more and more of the old cost- and quality-control Six-Sigma stuff (you haven’t seen anything yet in outsourcing), leaving U.S. corporations to build new business models around customer culture. America’s customer culture is a divide that foreigners have a hard time penetrating — which gives U.S. companies their best, and perhaps only, shot for growth.