PowerSteering and BMG Team Up to Develop ProjX

PowerSteering Software Inc has teamed up with BMG Inc. to develop the software program ProjX.  The program is designed to give real-time access to executives allowing for much greater control in preformance enhancement initiatives.  In addition, the two companies have made a marketing agreement allowing both to offer a wider variety of one anothers products.  Business Wire Reports:

“PowerSteering’s acquisition of ProjX is a significant step in its corporate growth, as it firmly establishes itself as the undisputed leader in Six Sigma software solutions,” said Steve Sharp, president and CEO of PowerSteering.  “In addition to adding mature, proven solutions to the PowerSteering software suite, a strengthened VAR relationship with BMG dramatically increases the company’s global reach.  PowerSteering and BMG customers will benefit from this deal with access to a host of new services and solutions.”