Six Sigma Training Pays Dividends

A recent study by iSixSigma Magazine reveals that companies both large and small will reap significant benefits by having their employees trained in Six Sigma.  The median savings delivered per project implemented under the guidance of a Six Sigma Black Belt is $188,000.  For companies with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion the median savings was $335,000, while companies with revenue of less than $100,000 see savings of $117,000.  This survey indicates that savings can be had, not only by the largest companies, but by medium and smaller companies as well.  iSixSigma Reports:

Erin Ducceschi, editor of iSixSigma Magazine, also noted, “Significant financial results can be achieved at any stage of a Six Sigma initiative. There is no statistical difference in financial benefits based on the number of years a company has been using Six Sigma, meaning that a return on a company’s investment can be achieved within a short timeframe.”