Voltaix Inc. Incorporates Six Sigma to Improve Customer Relationships

With the profits attainable through Six Sigma becoming ever more apparent to companies in a variety of fields, Voltaix Inc announced this week that some fifteen employees have recently attained Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.  Voltaix Inc., a leading manufacturer of chemicals and gasses, believes that their investment in training will reap dividends through improving customer support relationships and product solutions.  In addition, the company, like most Six Sigma implementers, hopes to attain greater product consistency and thus profitability.  mysan.de Reports:

“Six Sigma will enable the Voltaix team to deploy problem-solving tools to improve product consistency and usability, which translates to yield and throughput improvements for our customers,” commented Dr. Matthew Stephens.  “Yield and throughput are more important than ever, given the high capital equipment expenditures associated with 300mm wafer processing.  Further, new technology integration issues drive