EIU Study Indicates Increased Implementation of Six Sigma for 2005

Despite almost universal recognition of the benefits of implementing Six Sigma programs, only 5 percent of all performance and quality initiatives undertaken in the past three years utilized the approach.  According to a recent study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), however, those numbers may be about to change.  For the largest companies, Six Sigma is surpassed only by corporate organization realignment on CEO’s agenda for 2005. Consultant-News Reports:

“The increasing interest we are seeing in Six Sigma stems from two sources,” said Dave Antis, Executive Vice President, Celerant Consulting.  “First, as Six Sigma and its track record become more widely understood, more companies are considering it.  Second, as the study shows, a high percentage of other types of initiative, although apparently successful, failed to fulfill their companies’ strategic objectives.”