Human Sigma

The benefits of implementing a Six Sigma quality improvement program have been gaining recognition for years.  Only recently, however, has the quality metric been extended to the human side of business.  Born out of research conducted on over 80,000 managers in more than 400 companies by Gallup, the approach emphasizes the often overlooked importance of the engagement levels of employees and customers in achieving a better bottom line.  The Human Sigma approach takes such knowledge about individuals in the work environment and applies it to create a more productive and consistent workforce.  Express Pharma Pulse Reports:

Human Sigma is a measure that focuses on reducing variance in key employee and customer outcomes by improving an organization’s human performance and moving it towards excellence.  Simply put, the human sigma approach shows how to manage – and maximise – the human difference.



I need to know more about Human Sigma.
I’m portuguese, so if it’s possible anything written in portugese language (at least in elnglish).



I’ve searched the whole www for the parameters used to measure employee and customer engagement in this human sigma model but have yet to find the answer. I’m working in the pharmaceutical industry and would like to take up a green belt project on this topic. Would appreciate if you could provide info. Thanks in advance for your help


Notice the calculations in the sidebar.

Hope this helps.



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