Kennedy Space Center CFO Discusses 6 Lessons For Implementing Six Sigma

After being introduced to Six Sigma through a recommendation by IBM, the Kennedy Space Center’s Consultant firm, the organization has launched two more Six Sigma initiatives.  This experience with such a large scale investment in the principles of Six Sigma has brought forth a number of helpful lessons which can aid anyone planning to implement the program.  The article outlines 6 key principles to follow when implementing the program including being open to fundamental changes in the business and organizational models, and having someone clearly responsible for the efficiency process implementation. Reports:

3. Pick the process owner early. Sure, the CFO or the chief executive officer owns the process. But that’s not what we mean. The process owner is the person who worries about process performance, is accessible every day and is the person the CFO looks to for process accountability. Process ownership is not a recognizable role in the CFO organization; it doesn’t fit anywhere in the standard position descriptions, and there’s no spot for it on the organization chart. After rigorous analysis, it was clear to us that unclear process ownership was one of our major problems.