AIA Malaysia Grows Due to Six Sigma

American International Assurance Malaysia, also known as AIA Malaysia has increased its sales force by over 10% to almost 10,000 agents in just five months.  This type of growth has allowed the firm to provide better services to its quickly growing clientele.  This type of growth was due to the fact that company has recently undergone a major incorporation of Six Sigma into their business model, a process which helped the company shed much excess weight and to identify which particular areas required the most attention.  The process, however, is by no means complete as the company is continuing to delve further into Six Sigma and implement changes across the next two years.  thestar Online Reports:

AIA undertook a very aggressive recruitment campaign at the beginning of the year.

“To complement the enhancement of our agency network, the company has also put in place a series of training programmes to support and train these individuals into successful entrepreneurs,” Benter said.