Book Explains Simply the Six Sigma Way

One of the primary difficulties inhibiting the wider adoption of Six Sigma has been its relative exlusivity to the top-tiers of the corporate world.  Implementing the efficiency strategy has required that individuals undergo extensive and quite expensive training, an often prohibitive entry gate for small companies and their executives.  A recent book by Craig Gygi entitled Six Sigma for Dummies cuts through that barrier, however, by offering readers a simple straightforward interpretation of the Six Sigma process.  Initial sales figures have surpassed expectations indicating the strength of demand for a service able to cheaply explain the most basic benefits of the process.  Salt Lake Tribune Reports:

“[Six Sigma] is going to be build right into the fabric of business,” he says.

“The changes I made wer permanent – the were sustainable,” she says.  Six Sigma helps you make decisions based on data instead of gut feeling.”