Book Review: Power of Ultimate Six Sigma

Implementing Six Sigma has in the past been a prohibitively costly endeavor for many small and even mid-sized companies.  Recently, however, a number of literary contributions have brought forth the ability of individuals to understand and apply the Six Sigma process to their own business.  In this latest release, entitled Power of Ultimate Six Sigma, the author goes beyond an overview of the Six Sigma process as outlined in books such as Six Sigma for Dummies, and begins to explain his variant on how Six Sigma should be employed, known as Ultimate Six Sigma.  While the writing is at times convoluted, the author does an adequate job of explaining an approach to Six Sigma that has eluded writers for years.  To assist the reader, the author provides a number of visuals including charts, checklists and graphs.  That said, this type of book is better suited for individuals who already have some background or experience with Six Sigma rather than the novice who is entirely ignorant of the terms used and structure of the program. MediaGab Reports:

3. Since there is no one perfect book on the topic of Six Sigma, and since it is always a good idea to keep learning, this book is well worth the money.  For those who buy this book and understand that it isn’t a “how to” book on Six Sigma will be satisfied.