Book Review: Six Sigma For Dummies

One of the biggest inhibiting factors preventing wider Six Sigma implementation is the percieved complexity of the program.  Most managers are simply clueless about the process, preventing them from seriously examining Six Sigma as an alternative for their company.  Fortunately, Six Sigma for Dummies rectifies this by explaining in very straightforward, albeit at times simplistic, language the nature and benefits of Six Sigma.  In addition, a number of small to mid-sized companies have been unable or unwilling to make the capital investment necessary to incorporate the Six Sigma process.  This book will allow the novice to incorporate some basic Six Sigma attributes so that they can percieve for themselves the benefits of the program and ultimately incorporate it to a deeper degree. Reports:

“There is a huge latent demand for this,” lead author Craig Gygi said. “The industry has purposely kept the mystique of Six Sigma so it would be exclusive.”