ESM Company Turns Fate Around with Lean and Six Sigma

The recent Shingo Priz for Excellence in Manufacturing winner, a prize named after the father of Lean Manufacturing, is Celestica Inc. of Monterrey Mexico.  It is the only Electronics Supply and Manufacturing company to be awarded the prize in its 18 year history.  The award was based upon the companies vast improvment in efficiency through deep incorporation of Lean and Six Sigma.  The company says that its incorporation philosophy was not just a superficial understanding of the terms by management and employees, but rather it adopted more simplistic terms so that individual employees could comprehend the concepts behind the words and be able to achieve greater efficiency. My-ESM Reports:

Business results are materializing. Celestica reported lead-time reductions of 60 to 70 percent, quality yield improvements of 40 percent, a 30 to 40 percent decrease in the effort required to manufacture products, and on-time delivery rates in the high 90 percent range.