HSBC Expands Six Sigma Usage

HSBC Malaysia, one of the countries leading lenders, plans to incorporate the use of Six Sigma in an effort to propel its consumer banking business.  Unlike some companies, who have used the methodology as a public relations move to increase stock price based upon excitement about the incorporation of the process, HSBC Malaysia says that it plans a profound incorporation of the methodology into its business plan.  The company began testing the compatability of Six Sigma with their business by initially applying the methodology to the processing of applications for credit cards and mortgages as well as a few initial customer accounts.  They have been so pleased with the results that a larger incorporation is now on the agenda.  thestar Online Reports:

HSBC has made huge investments pertaining to the adoption of methodology and has incorporated the practice into some of tis core processes before extending it to other areas,” he told StarBiz in an interview in Kuala Lumpur.