McNerney Leaves 3M for Boeing and Brings Six Sigma With Him

James McNerney was brought over from GE four years ago to take the helm at 3M.  With him he brought a disciplined management style that included a deep incorporation of the Six Sigma program.  A program that played a key role in achieving the company’s best year to date with record sales of $20 billion in 2004, a full $4 billion up from 2001.  The growth was achieved through high cost cuts of 10% and a strict implementation of Six Sigma.  Because of this phenomenal growth Boeing coaxed McNerney to come and take over as its new CEO.

McNerney is not without his critics, however, as some former executives have argued that McNerney focused the company too much on Six Sigma and did not leave enough room for innovation and creativity. Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reports:

“He has been criticized for not wanting to listen, and I don’t think that is correct,” said Guehler, a retiree living in Florida.  “He likes to have people present things to him with facts, and in a positive manner.”