Six Sigma for Health Facilities and Hospitals

Six Sigma‘s abilities have long been recognized within the business community, however, the process is relatively unknown in the health care industry.  According to some experts that development is just a matter of time.  This is because modern health care facilities have large repitition numbers through complex actions such as intake to the simplistic action patterns of the hospital elevators.  These processes, along with thousands of others can be streamlined and made immensely more efficient through Six Sigma. Reports:

It may surprise some, but utility reliability, or uptime can also be improved by Six Sigma.  A hostpital utility system (such as electricity, chilled water and steam) operating at Six Sigma reliability would be out of service less than two minutes per year.

Further examples of facilities management functions that might benefit from Six Sigma include a work order process, a call center’s operating procedure for handling hot and cold calls, and a plant operations protocol for acknowledging and responding to equipment and system alarms.