Study Reveals Just 38% of Companies Use Six Sigma

A recent survey by Optimize magazine of 156 business technology executieves revealed that fewer than 40% of companies are currently employing Six Sigma.  This rather surprising information is due to the fact that many executives do not believe that the nature of their business allows for incorporation of the Six Sigma efficiency program.  This is due to the notoriously cited statistic that Six Sigma aims to achieve a merre 3.4 defects for every product produced.  For those executives whose companies are not involved in manufacturing or who do not percieve the repetitions within their business model, there appears no advantages of the program.  The reality, however, is that every company, indeed every action, if broken down reveals a level of repitition that is duplicated thousands if not millions of times throughout the normal business practice.  InformationWeek Reports:

Achieving Six Sigma requires mastering several stages: defining the process in question, measuring its performance, analyzing its effectiveness, implementing improvements, and controlling improvements over the long term.