Airbus Has Something Nice to Say About Boeing!?!

Airbus and Boeing have been in increasingly heated conversation in recent months, reviving the old debate about illegal subsidies which each accuses the other of recieving.  Airbus put such criticism aside for a moment, however, when Boeing Co. named James McNerney as the company’s chief executive.  In fact, Airbus when so far as to commend the choice made by Boeing.  Airbus insiders have commented that the acquisition of McNerney likely means a future of very stiff competition from their American rivals.  McNerney is known for imposing strict discipline and achieving excellent performance from the organizations he has headed through Six Sigma.  Although his work at 3M was not directly related to the airline industry, McNerney has some experience in the field.  In the late 1990s he headed up GE’s jet engine business, an area where he achieved so much success that he was ultimately snatched up at 3M.  Chicago Tribune Reports:

“He’s an excellent choice for Boeing,” said one top-ranking Airbus official after the announcement Thursday.  “But he’s the worst possible choice for Airbus.”