BMG Brings Six Sigma to South Africa

Despite the notorious reputation of individuals like Jack Welch and Jeffery Immelt, both of whom attribute much of their success to the Six Sigma efficiency program, there has been little adoption of the program internationally.  Nowhere is that more true that in South Africa.  Until recently there has been little alternative for companies interested in learning the skills necessary and hiring consultants to implement Six Sigma.  Recently, however, Breakthrough Management Group (BMG) Africa has begun providing conferences, training, and technology solutions in Six Sigma.  The company has literally decades of experience in applying and teaching on the principles of Six Sigma.  With clientele ranging from small firms to multinational corporations and spread throughout the world, there is little question that the company has experience necessary to transfer the skills to South Africa. Cape Business News Reports:

BMG’s South African operations are guided under the directorship of Salomon Erasmus and consist of a team of highly qualified, experienced Six Sigma practitioners.

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