Book Review: What is Six Sigma Process Management

Rowland Hayler of Pivotal Resources and Michael Nichols of American Express have recently come out with a book entitled, What is Six Sigma Process Management?  The book, published by McGraw Hill, offers new insights into how Six Sigma Process Management (SSPM) can be used to attain higher levels of leadership within the corporate environment.  The book confronts issues such as how to continually reassess, confront, and satisfy customers expectations.  While the book is certainly no substitute for applying an in-depth Six Sigma program it does provide the uninitiated with a straightforward guide for Six Sigma Process Management implementation.  This, like other recent books on Six Sigma, provides an important resource for companies who are unable to make the heavy financial investment required for a full implementation of Six Sigma.  Yahoo Business Reports:

“The book details a proven methodology for helping business leaders determine which efforts will most positively impact their customers, employees, and shareholders.”  As Hayler continues, “SSPM provides a system that guides people on what to improve first and how to establish a portfolio of the best improvement efforts for their business.”