Brightstar Rolls Out Integrisynch which exceeds Six Sigma quality

A leading logistics and supply chain management company, Brightstar provides invaluable services to the wireless community.  Most recently, however, they have announced the reception of a patent for their customized serialization control system.  The system is known as Integrisynch is designed to meet needs specific to customers in the wireless industry.  The product guarantees the accuracy of serialized data and reporting for manufacturers, retailers, and network operators among others.  The program allows companies to monitor and track wireless devices and their components throughout their lifecycle, allowing companies to improve the quality of their products.  The program has thus far proved so effective, it has exceeded the standards of reliability set forth in Six Sigma, 3.4 defects per million opportunities.  By holding all the information for a product in a single database the information is always readily available to providers. Reports:

“Ultimately, this solution saves customers and suppliers money,” said David Stritzinger, chief technology officer of Brightstar.  Customers never need to waste time tracking and individual handset or delving into a handset’s history to identify warranty dates.