Facility Management Incorporates Six Sigma

As competition for large and mid-sized firms becomes ever stiffer with the entrance of new foreign competitors, success requires cost cutting and efficiency oriented strategies in every facet of the company.  With managing facilities accounting for 30% of an average organization’s annual spending, this area can no longer afford to be overlooked.  Maintaining quality infrastructure and reducing overhead are now critical strategies to the growing numbers of companies who outsource business peripherals.  To function correctly, facility managers must incorporate a wide variety of disciplines in an effort to coordinate and make most efficient people, places, processes and technology.  The importance of this sector in areas such as workplace resources, asset management, statutory complience, and employee safety and services can not be overstated.  Consequently, more and more companies are approaching the position in a formal way, by utilizing Six Sigma and other efficiency oriented programs. The Economic Times Reports:

These new priorities have made a facility manager a part of the apex decision-making authority of an organisation.

He must ensure that everything is picture perfect and help the company and employees concentrate on their core responsibility.