How Helpful are Six Sigma Conferences?

A recent Six Sigma conference in Johannesburg got me thinking about the benefits of attending Six Sigma conferences.  In theory, the conferences should provide opportunities to learn about different approaches to the application of Six Sigma as well some of the pitfalls that can be avoided through careful application.  In that respect, it must be said that this conference was, like most others a failure.  Little was learned by way of new and innovative applications of Six Sigma that were at all practical.  But that is not to say, however, that attending Six Sigma conferences are not worthwhile.  By contrast, Six Sigma conferences are often a fantastic opportunity to network with professionals involved in the implementation process as well as an opportunity to converse informally with individuals preparing to or currently undertaking an implementation of the same Six Sigma you are preparing to.  Ultimately, these conferences yield exactly what you put into them.  If you go expecting to sit idly by and learn profound details about the Six Sigma process you will be mistaken.  If by contrast however, it view it as an opportunity to develop important contacts with individuals involved with Six Sigma it can be particularly valuable. reports:

It was a great opportunity for our customers to learn more on these topics, as well as to share in the experiences of colleagues, to obtain first-hand information of the successes of Six Sigma in organisations and learnings from the process.