PlantMaster Incorporates Six Sigma to create leaner manufacturing

Using Microsoft Windows and Oracle, Plantmaster builds upon BarcoCIM’s more than 15 years of experience in plastics processing to allow companies an ever more effective manufacturing software program.  The program allows for real-time production monitoring, scheduling, and maintenance management and allows companies to trace their products from raw material all the way through to finished product.  All these technologies combine to offer many plastic production companies userability and effectiveness they were never able to dream of before.  The program is particularly noted for its integration into a larger Six Sigma/Lean manufacturing environment.  Because the program is so flexible, it allows a company to subtly change the way it does business on a regular basis without having to undergo major software restructuring.  This ability to change and try new business models is an integral part of the Six Sigma efficiency program.  ManufacturingTalk Reports:

As such Plantmaster offers a powerful and flexible management tool that provides managers with real time visability on all Key Performance Indicators (KPI), enabling them to achieve operational excellence.