Using Six Sigma to Streamline RFID

There has been a great deal of concern about compliance with regulations regarding the implementation of RFID.  In many ways this has clouded the ultimate goal of the technology, to help companies be more efficient and competitive.  RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that involves using extremely small sensors in consumer products to track the movement and sale of products in real time.  This allows companies to maintain smaller inventories and to identify shortages of products almost instantaneously.  Ultimately it may also allow companies to track which products are bought in conjunction with their product to allow for more effective marketing.  Recently however, concern about meeting regulations regarding the use of RFID has made the process less appealing for many producers.  Applying the Six Sigma efficiency program to RFID implementation, however, can eliminate many of the concerns about implementation and lead to a more cost efficient and streamlined RFID program. IndustryWeek Reports:

“RFID can essentially computerize every widget produced, trigger actions, and eliminate human errors,” explains James Williams, partner at Avatar Partners.  “Even our customers that are not entrenched in Six Sigma benefit from using this methodology with RFID.”