Conference to Discuss Future of Six Sigma and Lean in Economic Upswing

The Four Seasons Philadelphia will this August 24-26 play host to executives from Fortune 500 companies who are set to discuss how early adapters and innovative leaders are utilizing Six Sigma and similar programs to gain an edge on the competition.  Keynote guests include Sun Microsystems, GE and Rexam executives, who have ushered in new takes on the Lean Six Sigma initiatives and in turn seen phenomenal successes with the program.  The group will also discuss the shift from strict cost cutting to revenue generation and waste reduction which has corrolated with the economic upswing globally and in the United States specifically. reports:

Discussions include: How GE Maintains Operational Efficiency, Six Sigma at Xerox, Sun Microsystems: Rebooting the Lean Six Sigma Initiative, Lockheed Martin’s Quality and Process Excellence Success.