Defense Department to implement Lean and Six Sigma

The Defense Department is implementing a new customer-centric approach towards acquisitions, technology and logistics. The Department also acknowledged changes in the business processes within the Department, which required the enforcement of new principles that will guide business practices. The Business practice itself will be focused around the areas of supply chain, medical readiness and performance, acquisitions, and process assimilation. The intention is to provide the stakeholders with the best value.

The Department aims to implement Lean Six Sigma principles as a business strategy to help manage business practices. With the introduction of Lean and Six Sigma, it is expected that business processes will improve and be more focused towards speedy implementation and efficiency. quotes Kenneth J. Krieg of the Defense Department:

I intend to use its principles to consider the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative processes of acquisition documentation, allowing our staff to streamline their procedures and free their time to focus on other customer needs…. In an era where people are devoting more and more hours to their work, it’s not sensible to further increase the time…we spend. Instead, we must increase the efficiency of our business products.