Nigerian organizations need Six Sigma implementation, reiterates Ikeja Hotels PLC Chairman

The Six Sigma program, now a popular deployment tool in many organizations worldwide, was developed as a concept by Motorola in the 1980s. The Motorola success story has inspired several entrepreneurs through decades, including Goodie Minabo Ibru, chairman of Ikeja Hotels PLC, owners of Sheraton Lagos Hotel and Tower in Nigeria.

Ibru has called on the manufacturing and service industries to utilize the Six Sigma concept to maximize their savings. Quoting the successful deployment of Six Sigma by Sheraton Lagos Hotel & Towers over the last two years, Ibru said that the program has led to all-round improvement in product and service quality and customer satisfaction. Six Sigma also caters to two vital cogs in the modern-day competitive business world: better packages for the customers and higher returns for the shareholders. reports:

Many organisations in the Nigeria are operating below three-sigma quality levels. That means they could be losing up to 25-40 per cent of their total revenue due to processes that deliver too many defects—defects that take up time and effort to repair as well as creating unhappy customers.