Siemens provides Six Sigma training to employees and suppliers

The Electronics Assembly Systems Division (ES) of Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems (L&A) keeps the needs of the customer foremost in its business processes. Towards this objective, Siemens implements the Six Sigma method. In the process, the company has been able to increase its profit margin and also cater to the satisfaction of the customer.

Using Six Sigma, Siemens has been able to rise above cultural barriers and communicate with its global customers. The Six Sigma program implemented by Siemens is founded on a hierarchical structure of proficiency levels, and the methodology is effectively transmitted to all departments. As Quality Management Director Herbert Hofmann notes, the important thing is to inculcate the importance of Six Sigma implementation to all employees—only then will the program be successful. Besides the employees, the Siplace team has offered the Six Sigma training program to its suppliers as well. reports:

Problems are analyzed methodically and solved with the help of people who are best qualified to do the job. Six Sigma creates a certain discipline within the enterprises that practise it and makes this analytical approach a mandatory part of all thinking.