Six Sigma in the IT sector: a means to enhance customer experience

Writing for, Sohini Bagchi emphasizes the need to implement Six Sigma for improving performance and reducing costs. V. Ramamurathy, a management consultant with special interest in Six Sigma, interprets Six Sigma as a methodology to reduce defects within the system, and also improve the quality of customer experience. Six Sigma is now increasingly being implemented across different industries. When applied in the IT industry, Six Sigma can be particularly effective because, as P. Kapila (an expert in Six Sigma implementation) writes, Six Sigma will calculate and enhance internal processes such as network speed, and also the business spheres where IT has a hand to play.

Leading Indian companies in the IT sector have already made the move to implement Six Sigma and provide the necessary training to their staff to cope with the system.  CXOToday provides examples of specific areas where IT companies like Satyam, Infosys, and Wipro have met with success through Six Sigma implementation. As reports:

Some of the other Indian companies such as, TACO and Zeta Pharma have just begun to implement the Six Sigma approach as part of their work culture. As far as CRM, ERP and other customer initiatives are concerned, Sun Microsystems is one company that has made significant improvements from its customer relationship management system by applying Six Sigma principles.