Six Sigma yields many positives at Tyco International

It is well known how Motorola brought in Six Sigma principles almost two decades earlier to improve its performance. It was from Motorola that Ed Breen brought in the Six Sigma practice when he joined Tyco International in 2002. While Six Sigma was initially used in the 1980s as a means to improve quality, today the principle is utilized to augment revenue flow and cut costs. Ed Breen has also implemented Six Sigma at Tyco to increase the company’s revenue and cut costs. In the period leading up to 2005, Tyco has been able to reap the benefits of Six Sigma to the tune of $800 million.

Chmiel, vice president of operational excellence for the Boca Raton-based division, Tyco Fire & Security, views Six Sigma as a system that enables the management and streamlining of processes, leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs. The training in Six Sigma at Tyco has also improved the chances of employees to move ahead in their career path within the company. Sun-Sentinel reports:

At Tyco Fire & Security, Six Sigma has been applied to better measure its ADT Security Systems call centers’ response to customers. In manufacturing, Tyco employed Six Sigma to reduce cycle time and increase the product output each day. Six Sigma also has been a career path for people who want to move up at Tyco, which now has 263 black belts, full-time project managers, and 870 green belts, who work part-time on projects, often within their departments.