Successful Training Programs a result of Six Sigma Component in the Training: iSixSigma survey

Business Wire reports from Seattle on a survey that shows a definite link between successful training programs and Six Sigma. The survey, which is to be published in a forthcoming issue of  iSixSigma Magazine, shows that 85% of the respondents who felt satisfied with their corporate training program had Six Sigma as an essential part of the training.

Against this, a meager 3% of the unsuccessful training programs had Six Sigma in their curriculum. Even post-training, the trainees who had Six Sigma in their program were able to move to new leadership positions. Michael Cyger, CEO and publisher of iSixSigma Magazine and, views this link between Six Sigma and successful training programs as expected; the link is directly related to the skill sets that Six Sigma inculcates in the trainees. Business Wire quotes Cyger:

We all want to work for leaders who make good decisions based on data not emotions, who share responsibility, who know how to generate results. We want leaders who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they’re doing. Those are exactly the skills and qualities that make Six Sigma professionals most successful and that Six Sigma helps build in future leaders.