The concept of Six Sigma and its application in Transactional and Service industries

Since the implementation of Six Sigma by Motorola in 1987, and the successful implementation by General Electric a few years later, several companies across the globe have adopted Six Sigma as an essential part of their business strategy. This popularity of Six Sigma has consequently led to the publication of several books on the subject. Business Wire reviews a book on Research and Markets, which has extended Six Sigma to transactional and service sectors.

The first part of the book introduces the concept of Six Sigma, while the second part provides examples of industries in the transactional and service sectors where Six Sigma has been implemented. The contents of the book will appeal to both the uninitiated and the expert, and includes topics such as Six Sigma training, projects, and toolbox, and several case studies of Six Sigma implementation. Business Wire reports:

The focus is on the implementation of the Six Sigma methodology rather than on the statistical tools and techniques. The aim of this book is to provide the reader with some practical and useful guidelines for Six Sigma deployment and its application to transactional and service processes.