Webcast on Manufacturing Interoperability in Six Sigma and Lean Strategies

Industry Week reports that a live web conference on the importance of manufacturing systems interoperability in Six Sigma and Lean strategies is being organized on September 14, starting at 2:00 p.m. EDT (GMT 04:00, New York). The conference is being sponsored by Visiprise, and the expected duration is one hour. The objective of the conference is to provide a platform for manufacturing interoperability. This concept is gaining importance because of the trend towards globalization, which makes it imperative for entrepreneurs to have a composite view of their respective enterprises, so that collaboration becomes a viable strategy.

For organizations where Six Sigma and Lean strategies have already been implemented, the concept of manufacturing interoperability provides an added impetus to business processes. According to the article in Industry Week, the key areas where interoperability can contribute are customer satisfaction, cost and productivity, quality, and product innovation. The article also provides a list of key speakers in the web broadcast:

During this webcast, Greg Gorbach, Vice President Collaborative Manufacturing with the ARC Advisory Group, will provide an overview of manufacturing systems interoperability and report on some of the recent trends surrounding this strategy. Rick Nordin, Senior Project Manager with Visiprise, Inc., will demonstrate how these measurements fit in with established Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.