Business Process Management: A methodology to implement Six Sigma

According to business process management (BPM) analyst Connie Moore of Forrester Research, BPM is perceived by process owners as a way to implement improvement initiatives including Six Sigma. BPM is a computer program that aids processes across different functions and applies to both people and systems.

The users of BPM see it as a process that is managing their work. However, the process affects several parts of an organization. Its basic functionality centers around efficiency and productivity, cutting down on time and cost. The starting point of a BPM implementation is important. Intelligent Enterprise Magazine reports:

To begin, look for projects that affect the company’s revenue, are high cost or are associated with customer satisfaction. Processes that transcend company boundaries, involve extensive integration or constantly change involve much higher risk. Start with the highest-reward, lowest-risk process and then expand as you move up the learning curve.