Six Sigma Blog: “Customer needs are at the very heart of Six Sigma”

“Customer needs are at the very heart of Six Sigma”

The Financial Times has published a feedback submitted by Jon Walden, Managing Director of Lex Vehicle Leasing on the article by Simon London published by FT on October 26 regarding the advantages and disadvantages of process analysis. According to Walden, London’s article emphasized the challenging issues involved in an implementation of the Six Sigma techniques of business reorganization on knowledge workers.

Pointing out that London displays a reluctance to accept process analysis on his working week, Walden adds that it would be a useful exercise to gain feedback and suggestions from the “customers”, i.e., the readers of the article. quotes Jon Walden:

Customer needs are at the very heart of Six Sigma, and account for its success. Increasingly, service businesses are going to need these techniques if they are to gain a lead over competitors in a world where service will be progressively more commoditised by the internet and the outsourcing of work to lower-cost countries.