Design for Six Sigma 2006: Issues and debates

The upcoming three-day mega event, Design for Six Sigma 2006, is set to grab the attention of attendees through informative presentations and knowledge trips. The event will add to the experience of the attendees on their DFSS journey, in which they strive to recognize defects at an early stage, preferably at the design stage of a product, and take steps to correct them.

Some of the important topics that will be discussed at the event are “Program Behavior Issues,” “Evaluation of Synergies,” and “Revolutionizing the Front End of the DFSS efforts to adapt to ever-changing customer demands.” A workshop will be hosted by Bart Huthwaite, Founder and CEO of the Institute for Lean Innovation, and industry experts will debate on important issues relating to Six Sigma implementation. reports:

Once again, “Design for Six Sigma 2006” promises to be a success. Attendees can expect to experience high impact, informative presentations delivered by renowned experts within the industry. This two-track event will discuss key issues that are fundamental to DFSS success, which will empower attendees to confidently continue to implement their DFSS processes.