Event: Design for Six Sigma 2006

Delegates at the Design for Six Sigma 2006 event will be able to gain further momentum in their DFSS program and use their knowledge for implementing a process free from defects. Research has shown that the earlier a defect is diagnosed, the easier it is to rectify that defect and move the DFSS approach forward. It is critical that manufacturers realize the defects prevalent in their business processes and initiate measures to resolve them. In implementing such process improvements, companies have registered qualitative and fiscal gains.

The Design for Six Sigma event this year will study issues related to program behavior, evaluation of synergies, and adapting to changing customer demands. Businesswire.com reports:

Once again, “Design for Six Sigma 2006” promises to be a success. Attendees can expect to experience high impact, informative presentations delivered by renowned experts within the industry. This two-track event will discuss key issues that are fundamental to DFSS success, which will empower attendees to confidently continue to implement their DFSS processes.

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