Kaiser Aluminum bags award for LeanSigma implementation

Kaiser Aluminum has received the 2005 TBM Perfect Engine Award for its facility at Chandler. This award is a result of the company’s effective implementation of LeanSigma techniques and standards, which helped the company achieve significant improvement in the manufacturing arena. The award is an annual feature, and goes to an organization that has recorded significant productive results through the implementation of LeanSigma, a fusion of Lean and Six Sigma principles.

Kaiser Aluminum’s unit at Chandler (Arizona) brought in LeanSigma in May 2000, resulting in a reduction on the lead time and an enhanced and timely delivery system. Conrow, vice president of Lean Sigma, Kaiser Aluminum, expressed satisfaction with the recognition of the company’s LeanSigma implementation process. Business Wire quotes Conrow:

We have elevated the emphasis on Lean Sigma within our organization and look to continue our transformation over the next several years, allowing us to do more with less as we eliminate waste from the value stream with the objective of providing superior value to our customers.