Regal-Beloit Corporation implements Lean and Six Sigma programs

With two major acquisitions—General Electric’s Commercial AC motor business in August 2004, followed by GE’s HVAC motors and capacitors division in December—Regal-Beloit Corporation not only enlarged its size, but also gained business processes from the erstwhile owners. This included GE’s Six-Sigma expertise, particularly Bhargava, a 15-year GE exponent in Lean Six Sigma programs and projects. Beginning in January this year, Vivek put the system in place for implementation of Lean Six Sigma principles.

A few weeks after the formal announcement of the acquisition, a Lean Six Sigma program implementation was declared as one of the company’s objectives. What followed was extensive training for the staff, both black belt and green belt. With the implementation of the program, the company is already seeing positive results, backed by a committed leadership. reports:

The momentum to charge ahead is strong: Regal-Beloit doubled its size with the GE acquisitions and business has never been better. Six Sigma will enable these entities to come together as one perfectly aligned machine.