Six Sigma applied by Federal agencies

Part of the government machinery is taking recourse to the basic Six Sigma principles of avoiding wasted motion and removing mistakes. Primarily, the concept of Six Sigma is applicable to the manufacturing industry, but the federal institutions are adapting the principle to processes such as email administration and engine repair.

For ensuring improved performance in any project, the five steps that need to be adapted are define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. These processes need to be used repeatedly to make the improvement a continuous process. The Defense department has already implemented Six Sigma methodology, and Six Sigma has also contributed to the Navsea Lean program of the Naval Sea Systems Command. reports:

Carl DeMaio, president of the Performance Institute, said Six Sigma’s success in the private sector is a good indicator that the federal government will eventually follow suit. But without some pressure on agencies to adopt the principles, many officials won’t see it as worthwhile, he said.