Solectron organizes events to spread Lean and Six Sigma implementation among suppliers

Solectron, a company engaged in the production of electronics manufacturing and integrated supply chain services, has adapted Lean manufacturing initiatives. The company has followed this with the organization of two events to establish Lean as part of the supply chain. One of the events, the Supplier Day conference, brought together hundreds of suppliers who were encouraged to adopt Lean manufacturing.

In its other event, Solectron declared the facility at Penang (Malaysia) as the winner of the Global SPS Kaizen competition. Marc Onetto, Solectron’s executive vice president, explained the adoption of Lean Six Sigma by Solectron, and expressed the view that the principles could now be transmitted to the suppliers. The Supplier Day event introduced Solectron’s Lean supplier program. reports:

The one-day event included breakout sessions on Lean 101, an introduction to the Solectron Production System; Solectron’s Lean supply chain program; an overview of increasing customer value through design and engineering for Lean production; and Lean deployment from a supplier perspective.