National In-Store strengthens Six Sigma program

National In-Store (NIS), a leading retail resources provider in the US and subsidy of Omnicom Group Inc., is the first company in its genre to implement Six Sigma in its management process. NIS has now strengthened its Six Sigma program by adding 42 Yellow Belts, and is progressing well towards being a pioneer in training associate companies to cut costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service through Six Sigma implementation.

Through the practice of Six Sigma, NIS manages to provide an assurance to its client base that the company is striving to improve management processes that will ultimately auger well for the customers themselves. PR Newswire reports:

“NIS is a pioneer when it comes to incorporating Six Sigma into retail services,” explains CEO and founder Tom Dowdy. “Our major retailer and consumer product company clients expect us to manage their accounts efficiently and provide quick results. Our philosophy is centered around working better, faster and smarter for our customers,” Dowdy adds.