Software Wizard to automate consistent data process in Six Sigma projects

Six Sigma project depend on the proper maintenance of data in the control phase. Normally, this process of harnessing consistent data is a manual process with additional costs, and there are also chances that the process will get out of control and lead to dissatisfied customers.

Such production problems might now be a thing of the past, with the new software wizard inRealTime introduced by Hertzler Systems, an affiliate of statistical software MINITAB. Hertzler has an impressive list of customers including Boeing Aerospace, BAE Systems, IDEX Corporation, Kraft Foods, McCormick & Company, Inc., Pactiv Corporation, and Titleist & Footjoy Worldwide. inRealTime can be plugged into MINITAB so that Six Sigma projects are able to come up with consistent process data in real time.

The MINITAB product range is the most widely used for the improvement of Six Sigma projects. The versions that are currently available are MINITAB Release 14, MINITAB Japanese Release 14, MINITAB Korean Release 14, and MINITAB French Release 13. The software includes features such as basic and advanced statistics; regression and ANOVA; time series; new and improved presentation-quality graphics; simulations and distributions; flexible data import, export, and manipulation; statistical process control; design of experiments; reliability analysis; multivariate analysis; and sample size and power calculations.

Using inRealTime, a company implementing Six Sigma processes can automate business processes such as keyboard/gage data entry, updating of charts in MINITAB, and economizing the production time.