Survey of Six Sigma professionals ties higher investments with successful programs

iSixSigma has published a research survey which indicates that investments inĀ  Six Sigma program are directly proportional to the returns for a company. An investment upwards of $2 million is likely to improve returns by 200-500 percent, while a comparatively low investment amount of $500,000 is likely to lead to a break-even situation at best.

The survey also concludes that executive backing is important for the success of an organization. Out of the respondents who declared a succcessful program implementation, 87 percent confirmed that they had a committed executive strength.

A third indicator from the survey was the relative advantage of an enterprise-wide deployment of Six Sigma programs. Market Wire reports:

Only 42 percent of respondents said their companies started with a full deployment. But those programs were three times more likely to report an eight-fold ROI in the first two years. The conclusion from all these results is obvious. “You get what you pay for,” said Marx. “A higher level of investment results in a higher return on investment.”