Six Sigma DMAIC approach can improve marketing results

Six Sigma has been generallyapplied to improve the process, quality, and productivity of a business enterprise. However, the Six Sigma tools, such as the DMAIC approach (define, measure, analyze, improve, control), can be applied equally effectively to improve the marketing output.

For example, you can define the problem areas and then decide on your team, objectives, resources, and timeline. Then you can measure the process to arrive at the existing performance level, and establish a baseline on what is required to improve the performance. The next step is to analyze and identify the main causes of the problem, and follow up with corrective steps to improve the process. Finally, you need to control the process and performance in the future. The Herald Business Journal reports:

Another important Six Sigma success factor involves appointing a champion to oversee the process and conduct “tollgate reviews” at each DMAIC milestone to ensure the project stays on track. This will facilitate better reporting and real-time tweaks as necessary. Use Six Sigma as a philosophical and data-driven approach toward improving your marketing process. A Six Sigma mind-set will generate greater customer value—and that usually translates into better results.


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