Six Sigma Blog: Six Sigma in the hotel industry

Six Sigma in the hotel industry

Express Hospitality reports that Six Sigma is many things rolled into one single concept—it is a metric, a tool, a methodology, and a discipline that is applied in business processes to improve efficiency by removing variations and defects in the process. After its successful implementation by Motorola in the 1980s, the Six Sigma tool has been successfully implemented by many leading companies including GE, Allied Signals (now Honeywell), Ford, American Express, and Chase JP Morgan.

However, since the focus of Six Sigma implementation is the importance attached to the customer, it is time that the concept was applied in the hotel industry. Starwood Hotels and Resorts has already implemented the Six Sigma approach. Six Sigma at Starwood has helped improve the financial performance of the group by ushering in the quality and consistency of the customers’ experiences. Six Sigma has also provided the guidelines and tools to create a consistently superior guest experience at all properties, and simultaneously improve the bottom line. The Six Sigma organization in the group reports to divisional leadership and is aligned with the division’s goals and priorities.

After this success story, it is imperative that the hotel chains in India also realized the importance of Six Sigma in improving functioning.