Software provider Akmin implements Six Sigma

In order to further its goals of continued development and to maintain high quality standards, software vendor Akmin has implemented the DMAIC approach, a Six Sigma methodology. Akmin’s major offering is SiteGalore, a private branded online website building software for ISPs, web hosts, domain registrars, ASPs, and other service providers.

By implementing DMAIC, Akmin hopes to get maximum leverage for customers through a data-driven approach. This approch is expected to result in identifying important performance indicators, managing processes, measuring problems, improving quality, and reducing costs. Web Hosting Info reports:

Prashanth, CEO of Akmin says, “Given the fact that we are the first ever company in our line of business to launch an enterprise-wide Six-Sigma framework, we are certain that this initiative will delight our customers, who are looking to maximize their competitive advantage by offering a site building service that is truly unmatched in its quality.”